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Helping build global standards on local historical brand


Jamjoom Medicine Store mission is to extend a well distinct Pharmaceutical distribution and sales services making its products available and keep its business partners and shareholders satisfied.

To be among the top 3 distributors in the Saudi Market.

Continue fulfilling the domestic governing bodies industry standards while keeping, distributing and tracking our products in the market place.

Our main drive of success is to continue growing at high pace while keeping our staff happy with their remuneration and career development


Providing a Number 1 Service

International grade warehouses storages and distribution fleet

High Reachablity

JMS fleet are equipped with the latest technologies to distribute from six fully equipped warehouses across all Kingdom

Dedicated Team

Over 400 dedicated employees working on daily basis to perfect all shipments and guarantee quality of service

SFDA Approved

All our warehouses are approved by Saudi FDA. and have temperature controlled room to maintain drug shelf conditions

What to come ?

We are expanding

Jamjoom this year is working on a strong core maintaining its heritage with a new modern shell. This year’s plan is an entirely new branded company with international vision beyond ordinary. Our newly branded content reflects our determined mindset to expand and develop both locally and globally.


History, expansion, and growth

JMS was established around 60 years back,

The company used to be one of the pioneers who have established and developed the Pharmaceutical market in the country.

JMS used to be partner to several leading industry players who have jointly managed to establish their names and develop the market together with JMS.

With the launch of the local regulatory body (Saudi FDA) in 2007, it was a must to go for a complete warehouse ( systems & locations ) renovation.

Comprehensive development

In order to meet the growing demand for medicine and business partners expectations, we are constantly developing our systems of distribution across all kingdom with highest standards of services.


Into Jamjoom's World

Words from our owners and employees

“Jamjoom family has been in the trading business for over a 100 years. We aim here at JMS to highlight premium quality of service in our everyday life.”

“We aim to serve our clients the finest storing and distribution services. Client satisfaction is the core of our services and the backbone on which we develop.”

“Securing & monitoring day-to-day movements of shipments & assuring quality of temperature

maintaining & seeking safety to shipments is what makes our systems different.”

Dr. Ghazi Jamjoom

Dr. Khalid Ali

Ayman El Hadad


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